Simple interference pattern visualisation tool

Selection and displacement of emmitters is a rotating buffer. Click and drag to experience the true bontempi UI.


Developped on the 03-05-2020, by @tixlegeek (aka @captnlarzuk ).

Simple and dirty JS toy which lets you play with interference patterns. This code is absolutely not finished, or cleaned up, any help would be much appreciated :)

About physics:

I can't say it's a physics-accurate representation. I made that for quick testings, but, i guess i now have to think about the "simulation" side. For example, you can't yet simulate reverberation, diffraction, etc... just isotropic emmiters, with a Frequency, a Phase, and an Amplitude (which you can tweak). You also can try to move them around, but, beware, the selector is a ring-buffer, so using it is a pain in the ass.

UI design is ongoing. Have fun!